About Me & Pilates


About My Classes

It can be daunting starting a new class, whether you are new to Pilates or have been practicing for years, it is often difficult to know what to expect.

If you have attended different Pilates classes

you will likely have noticed that every class is different; some are more fitness based while others more restorative.


My style of teaching focuses on the following aspects;


Every class aims to improve muscle tone and strength but also mental strength by challenging ourselves to make progress. Physical strength will develop through consistency and overloading the muscles. Pilates primarily uses body weight so the strength that you gain will be functional, especially when trained with a focus on mobility.


Improve your muscular control by strengthening neuromuscular pathways. You will develop better co-ordination and muscle engagement. By improving the mind-body connection it increases the control that we have over our posture and movement allowing us to develop more effective movement patterns.


Many of us experience high stress in our day to day life which is both physical and mental. Through deep breathing and slow movement we can begin to calm the body and mind, releasing tension. As we flow through the Pilates practice and synchronise our breathing in a peaceful atmosphere, we can begin to reach a state of relaxation, allowing our body to regenerate.


Stretching is often overlooked in many exercises but plays a vital role in overall mobility. By keeping our bodies flexible we can maintain good mobility and functional movement which can result in less stiffness and reduced pain. By regularly stretching you can also improve posture and  reduce the risk of injury (Prehab).

What To Expect

Pilates is a holistic practice, focusing on the mind-body connection for stress relief and to enhance our awareness of posture & technique as we carry out certain movements.

After one session you should feel calmer and more mobile (some even say they feel taller after stretching out).


After multiple weeks of consistent classes many gain a new awareness of their posture and movements as well as noticing an improvement in strength, mobility and flexibility.


About Me

Experiencing first hand the positive effects that Pilates had on my life inspired me to give others the same confidence, flexibility, strength and calmness that it has brought me. I love understanding human physiology & psychology and the ways in which we can actively improve both mental and physical health through practices such as Pilates and Meditation.

I completed my Level 3 Pilates Instructor Diploma in August 2018 with PTA, receiving my official certification in April. Through my training, it became clear to me that I wanted to teach with a focus on relaxation and breathing, which only became more evident as I began teaching and hearing the positive effect that it had on my clients. Since my initial training I have continued my learning with a course on Pilates for neurological disorders as well as multiple franklin method workshops on the neck and shoulder fascia, hip mobility and the sacro-illiac joint. I am a member of Cimpsa (the fitness governing body) which requires continuous learning to maintain membership and have also completed my Covid training to ensure safe procedures returning to classes. 

 I am currently studying a BSc in Medical Sciences at the University of Exeter to deepen my anatomical and physiological knowledge and will likely be specialising in Neuroscience due to my fascination with the mind-body connection. Founding my teaching in research and science is something I have always tried to ensure and am continually adapting my teaching alongside new research and client feedback. 

It’s important to me that every client leaves the class having lost any tension from the day and is feeling stronger, more mobile and calmer. Pilates isn’t a class just for the body, it engages the mind.

Learning to control breathing, posture and our thoughts can help relieve stress and tension in our bodies and minds.



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I would be grateful for any feedback that you would like to give 



I attended the retreat day Pilates session with Ocean and I was pleasantly surprised. This was my first Pilates session as I am normally a yoga kind of girl! I felt really amazing after the session and my whole body felt stretched, happy, warm, light and the blood was definitely circulating well again! I would very happily attend Pilates sessions going forward with Ocean and look forward to booking up in the very near future. Thank you for making the session very welcoming as these things can always be a little daunting for first timers. Look forward to seeing you soon! Thanks again!